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BMW 3 Series

Two poignant character lines introduce a dynamic movement as they taper towards the BMW roundel and embrace it. The shoulder line emerges from the headlights and runs parallel to the Sick line to optically stretch the vehicle. The combined effect adds extra sporty appeal to the remarkable athleticism of sculpted wheel arches and elegant curves. Convex and concave surfaces meet with an upward and downward movement of lines that make the front appear wider and more dynamic. The BMW 3 Series Sedan is the expression of one idea: to provide a suitable body for the most athletic sedan in its class.

BMW 5 Series



"If a vehicle doesn't look dynamic, how are we supposed to believe that it drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character. It's the same with talent. It's not enough just to have it, you have to be able to use it." Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design. "In the interior, dynamics and elegance are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. This can instantly be felt. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a perfect fit as soon as you take a seat." Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design

BMW 6 Series

  With its long hood and low, flowing roofline, the BMW 6 Series Coupé has the proportions of a classic Gran Turismo Coupé. The dynamic front end angles down purposefully at the road, and the rest of the car follows suit. The side panel fold creates highlights that run parallel to the tarmac, while the muscular rear underlines the close connection between the car and the road.The BMW V8 combines impressive performance with exceptional smoothness. Double-VANOS and Valvetronic technology assure a level of effortless driving enjoyment that only outstanding elasticity can provide. This 4.8 litre engine delivers up to 360hp at 6,300 rpm of power and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 5.5 seconds. Even more important is the sheer exhilaration you feel when power, flexibility and sound all join forces to create pure driving enjoyment.



BMW 7 Series

Imposing at the front, powerful at the rear, the BMW 7 Series Sedan is a vehicle that exudes confidence. The large kidney grilles emphasize the new BMW 7 Series' imposing presence while the striking shoulder line extends uninterrupted from hood to rear, making the car seem longer. The door handles are integrated seamlessly into this shoulder line, creating an inimitable effect even at night. No matter what speed you're travelling at or road surface you're driving on, you're guaranteed outstanding driving comfort in the BMW 7 Series Sedan. The new shock absorbers send information four hundred times a second to the Dynamic Damping Control system and are now infinitely and independently adjustable for both compression and rebound damping. This means that the dampers adapt to the state of the road irrespective of which Dynamic Driving Control mode is selected, for exceptional ride comfort even when driving hard on bumpy surfaces


"My goal was to create for the all-new BMW X3 a 'dramatic vibrancy' of light and shade emphasizing the form and definition on the surface with new bold X-ness." Erik Goplen, BMW X3 exterior designer."As a designer, I've always been greatly inspired by natural occurrences, such as ice flows. Translated to the interior design, a volume concealed beneath a soft, almost organic skin erupts and thus demonstrates a living modernity." Ulrich Ströhle, Interior Designer BMW X3. Sports. Activity. Vehicle. These words define what sets the BMW X3 apart from the competition. It is an automobile that gives you room to move, and lets you revel in the pure joy of driving ? in every situation, on every type of road, and always safely and comfortably.




For driving pleasure in two worlds: whichever engine you choose efficiency and performance are the hallmarks of all three diesel and petrol engines in the BMW X5. You don't have to fly business class to be able to experience instant acceleration to top speeds with negligible interruption. The eight-speed automatic transmission with Steptronic not only ensures incredibly soft gear changes across all eight gears; it also significantly reduces fuel consumption. Heading towards the sunset or illuminated by city lights: the BMW X5 instinctively draws gazes wherever it goes. Its long wheelbase, short overhangs and powerful contours express its elegantly sporting nature.


The BMW X6 is a sporty, agile addition to the BMW X family. The side view shows the elegant proportions of a BMW Coupé. The roofline flows down to the rear in a gentle curve. The overhang stretches the silhouette, while two "character lines" underscore the dynamic wedge shape. When seen from the front and rear, all the typical BMW X characteristics are evident: the horizontal lines and prominent wheel arches emphasize the power, breadth and presence of the BMW X6.The six-speed sport automatic transmission comes with shift paddles on the steering wheel, combining driving pleasure with driving safety. Select the manual mode, and the car responds with even quicker gearshifts and tighter accelerator response.


A roadster designed the way only BMW can: the classic proportions of the stretched hood and short overhangs are complimented by the low seats near to the rear axle to grant the driver a perfect feel for the road. The modern shape, an interplay of striking contours and soft mergers, fully captures the character of this vehicle from its characteristic kidney grille to the powerful wheelarches at the rear. However, it's the way this roadster effortlessly negotiates straights and bends that makes it truly like no otherWhy does a roadster have an elongated hood? To accommodate six cylinders in a row. The straight six-cylinder engine provides the perfect combination of weight and power coupled with a dynamic balance and sophisticated smoothness. Constructed from a combination of magnesium and aluminum, the BMW Z4 sDrive30i (255hp at 6,600 rpm) sets new standards in dynamic engineering. And in the BMW Z4 sDrive35i, High Precision Injection and Twin Turbo help release up to 300hp at 5,800rpm on command.


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