Importing a vehicle into Canada from the United States is not as simple as buying a car, driving to the border and paying the duty. There are a number
of steps you must take and questions to be answered. Let Claireview Leasing answer them for you.

  • Do you know what makes and models of vehicles can be imported into Canada?
  • Are any modifications required?
  • Is there a recall on that particular vehicle?
  • Does your province have requirements that must be met?
  • What documentation do you need?
  • What duty and taxes must be paid?
  • How do you move the vehicle without permanent license plates?

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) was created to establish and maintain a system of registration, inspection and certification to Canadian standards of
vehicles originally manufactured for distribution in the U.S. market that are being permanently imported into Canada. RIV exemptions, recall clearance documentation, vehicle modification requirements and vehicle branding history. Understand
your obligations for reporting to U.S. Customs, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and registration into the RIV program.

We have a professional and knowledgeable staff that specializes in importing cars, trucks, vans, SUV's,
oversize-vehicles, and motorcycles quickly and safely

for over 25 years.