When you lease from Claireview, you can expect the best in selection and service.


Explore Claireview’s extensive inventory to choose the right car for you. As an independent leasing company, we work with a range of dealers and partners to secure a diverse selection of luxury, economy, pre-owned and new vehicles, for personal and commercial use.


You will receive top-notch personalized service from one of our dedicated sales team members. With over 200 years of cumulative leasing experience, you can expect every detail of the process to be taken care of so you will get the best car for you, at the best price.


Claireview will adapt your lease, vehicle and payment terms to best meet your personal and financial needs - whether you are looking for deals on sports cars, electric cars, minivans, hybrids, convertibles, freightliners – just let us know, and we will make it happen.


Our Service Centre, located on the premises, offers you a convenient and dependable option for all your maintenance, repair and finishing needs. Our professional mechanics are ready and trained to provide you with the service you have come to expect from Claireview.


The ultimate leasing experience offering personalized, professional and flexible service. Claireview is renowned for its wide selection of leasing opportunities and its most excellent customer service. Through customer loyalty, innovations and acquisitions and solid industry and financial relationships Claireview is proud to serve you.

Great car leasing company. Amazing selection of the most fantastic cars you've ever seen. Maurice and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend this place. See them before you go anywhere else.

Maurice K

My first time at Clairview for a F150 2020,mr. Albert the salesman was really nice to deal with and honest with all the question i was asking,made a good road test, and i was satisfy and did the purchase of the F150, i will definitly recommend Clairview,and i will be in contact wirth mr Albert…

ivanhoe beaupre

I have been coming to claireview leasing for a while now. Last week I had my tires changed and this morning I came for air in one of my tires as I hit a nail on the road. The service was quick and efficient. The lovely receptionist was welcoming and kind, offered me coffee (and…

Toma M. Ray

I was intrigued by the impressive vehicle selection and decided to inquire. I was greeted professionally and the service team was willing to answer all my questions. I was especially impressed with the service director Dany, who took the extra time to explain the maintenance packages. The complimentary coffee was a nice touch as well.

Steve T

Dany is the absolute best service rep, he’s quick, responsive, very polite and has unlimited patience. Ask Dany for anything and he is there! Claireview is lucky to have such a great employee like him!

Andrew a

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