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Claireview Leasing provides the ultimate vehicle leasing experience. As an independent, entrepreneurial, full-service leasing company, Claireview offers you flexibility, diversity and personalized, professional service. Claireview is renowned for its wide selection of vehicle leasing opportunities and most excellent customer experience.

For 43 years, Claireview has been leasing vehicles, and, its staff currently boasts over 200 years of cumulative leasing experience. Through customer loyalty, innovations & acquisitions, and solid industry & financial relationships, Claireview has remained one of the top leasing companies in Canada.

Specifically, as an independent and well-known leasing company, Claireview:

  • Leases new and used vehicles, of all makes and models
  • Processes credit checks on-the-spot
  • Offers a large selection of certified pre-owned and pre-leased vehicles
  • Structures payments and term based on your financial requirements
  • Manages all of the documentation
  • Provides top-notch leasing knowledge and experience

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Experience - A company that has been first rate in its field for over 40 years
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